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September 24, 2013
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IsaMira Do you ever wonder by StrawberryLoveU IsaMira Do you ever wonder by StrawberryLoveU
Isabella has her mind lost in thought, trying to catch an idea that is almost intangible. Mira waits for her to finish her sentence, but realizes her mistress has brushed it off, chuckling to herself as if it to say 'tis a silly notion' then returning to the present moment of the two of them enjoying the sunlight and cool breeze on the balcony.
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Poor Isabella...even with a pet that has shown herself loving and caring of her mistress, she must forever wonder if she were not so very wealthy is they would ever have met.  I know many see this as Mira being very fortunate after her father selling her into 'slavery' but my sense of the paring is that Isabella is VERY lonely, and perhaps has been hurt before. 

I do hope Mira makes her happy :-)
Lonely in a big old house with all the money and servants one can desire but no one to call equal in love or friendship. The closest match would be Holmes but he is nearly twenty years older and us more like a loving uncle or friend who happens to be a servant. Mira is her first chance at finding the companionship she has been searching for should Mira reciprocate Isabella's affections.
Yes, while personally I see nothing wrong in a women being a man much older than her (or vice versa) I suspect that if she showed him more than just affection for a friend it would actually ruin the friendship.  One needs JUST friends as much as one needs passion and love. 

And besides, it's obvious she trusts him implicitly... from my read of your characters she would never want to loose that. 
Exactly so in all points.
"Do you ever wonder how I'm gonna end this sentence?", just kidding: It's amazing :).
this is so cute!! someone please make a min-fanfic of this moment/picture!! 
Kurrona Sep 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

Words cannot fathom...

my love...

this comic...

this couple...

All of the loves :iconloveloveplz:
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